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If you're reading this, then you're one of the lucky first ones to hear the news. NOS is now the official energy drink of MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING! Get more info from the GAMING tab above, or check it out at !

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Naughty Nos Girl Alicia Whitten in Austin Texas!

I flew in pretty dang late to Austin since I had to pick my son up from school.  Had the hotel to myself

since Corissa gave up her ticket to someone who really needed it so I didn't see her til morning.  I woke up

to Corissa knocking on the door.  We got ready jumped onto the taxi and head for the show.  The weather

was humid...but it's better then being absolutely freezing in my opinion.  At the show I played a little

football and a quick game of Call of Duty with Dave....which I kicked his butt at.  He didn't kill me once! lol 

Nos had hired a trance Dj...and another booth was handing out all kinds of glow sticks....I must say I felt

like I was at a rave lol.  Felt like I needed to join in on the action so I ran over to the booth and grabbed a

whole lot of glow sticks and wrapped them around my body.  We were all glowing at the Nos booth. 

Couldn't miss us!  The Nos girls they hired to serve the drink were total sweethearts and really enjoyed

their company! :D Corissa and I signed our lifesize posters to the fans and then ran to catch a little bit of

the show.  Korn was performing and we needed to share some Nos love with them!  It was's about

time they brought some rock to the shows.  Seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves.  We handed

out some Nos stickers and rocked out with our what???? No you gross...we rocked out with our NOS out! 

Yeah that's right lol We wanted to take pictures with the whole group..but unfortunately Jonathan...the

singer...didn't seem aloud to because of his wife I think?  Corissa yelled out "Great show" and he didn't

even acknowledge her. What a great way to keep your fans buddy.  

Later that night we went out for a little bit to meet up with our fellow models and support our go go's...funny

but it was very strange to us that no guys were hitting on us.  At the end of the night we are sitting on the

patio and we read Rainbow something Company...Ahhhhhh were at a gay club. 

We were really tired...and trying to get a taxi which took an hour or so didn't help the situation lol

Well that's it for that trip.  Fun crazy Nos fun...ooooooh yeah!

Luv you guys


CabridesickI was feeling sick on the cab ride to the show.  Bleh

Feeling a bit betterFeeling a wee bit better :D

RavishNos Raver Girls???  hehe

NosgirlsThe girls hired to serve the drinks at our booth.  Such sweethearts...thanks ladies for all your help :D  xoxo

IndianIs that the Indian in the Cupboard???  Hehe jk  Who want's a Nos Sticker???

KornKorn as you can see. :D

RockingoutCool ass pic huh :D

BlurrykornBoooo it's blurry ;/ 

GirlsYou like our panda hats?? :D  


FIC user

Posted by: jpatel | Nov 5, 2009 11:58:16 AM


Jay test

Posted by: testjay | Nov 5, 2009 11:55:12 AM


Hi, you look great, please upload more photos.

Posted by: JC | Oct 13, 2009 12:55:29 PM

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Nos in Ohio

I was pretty excited to go to Ohio...especially the thought I use to live down there when I was younger. :D

I just remember it being super cold out there.  Luckily the weather was perfect when we arrived!  I definitely

had a struggle getting out of bed to get to the I drank some NOS and went on my way.  Oh man

I was pretty hyper on that plane.  Lol I could not sit still for a second. 

The show was fun as always...we set up the break dancing floor once again and played silly ass to meet new fans and photographers.  The people were pretty nice out

there...hmm maybe I should move back out  Naw I'm too much of a cali girl. After the show

Corissa and I thought we walk to McDonalds to get some grub while we wait for our taxi.  Here we

our Nos outfits...which isn't very much clothing at all... pulling our luggage on the streets. 

What were we thinking???  We were hungry what can I say. 

So we get there to find out the drive through is the only thing open.  Was tempted to pull Corissa on

my luggage through the drive through lol. Taxi takes forever and this lady from Cali comes up to us asking

if we are gna be ok...she ends up yelling at her hotel guy to get us a cab right away! worked was there in no time.  What an awesome USC fan she was.  Which reminds me...USC won

woot woot!!! :D Oh yeah...we made the taxi driver go through the drive thru...hahaha....Anyways that's

pretty much it...didn't do a whole lot while I was out there.  Next trip will be better :D

Til then...

xoxo your Naughty Nos Girl,

Alicia Whitten


Photo5Me at the show :D

Photo4No she isn't pretending to smoke weed lol...she is pretending that she has one of those curly mustaches haha

PhotoYes...this is what happens to you if you wear another energy drink brand in front of us Nos girls.  You will get attacked with NOS stickers!!!  Waaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Don't mess with us! ;p

Photo6This little kid was the light of the break dancing show lol. know you want all that NOS.  yummmy :D


And this little kid was rapping...yes rapping!  Throwin it down cute


Purrrty NSX...yes is was ;)

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ACP x!

VIMBY - Andrew Comrie-Picard at X-Games

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Street Lab, Explore 3 / X Games Edition / DAY 1

Action sports has been in the world for over 30 years .. Can you believe that X games has only been around for only 15 years! There are kids in the X games that think X Games has always been around .. Sal Masicana, is doing it big once the host of just the X Games to a house hold name, all the X sport have turned into video games and the lifestyle of a skater, bmx, fmm and est has taken over the world.. now starts the saga of Rally ! NOS / ACP is here to our make history ..


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How Awesome Does This Look?

Look 1 minute in. The in-camera is just ridiculous. Pay attention to K-Walls and the banners overhanging.

As awesome as it looks, it plays better ... can't wait for Sept 22nd :)

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13.5oz NOS hits the Central US

Just don't call it cute.


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Limited Edition NOS 30oz!

If you're in the Oklahoma City area, you're in luck!  The NEW Limited Edition 30oz NOS resealable bottle is available in your area....check it out!  30 ounces means you'll get some serious energy this is only for people who mean business.  It's not a game.


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So, our VIP NOS lounge was pretty hot...and if you're reading this, and you missed really missed out! We had XBOX consoles for people to hang out and play the new NEED FOR SPEED. And everyone who played had a chance to win a brand new BMW! Plus, we had DJ DRO (it was his B-day!) and an open bar!! It was great to have an environment like that for everyone to come and hang out after a long day at the convention. Oh, and did I mention that we had two massage therapists! Yep, that's how we do! :o) 

Til next time, 

the team :o)

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Drift for less! well it might cost you but ..

If your anything like me you have to get at the least 1 hour of my PS3 ... But be for then it was all about my PS2, it was always PS for me just because of gran-turismo has made me look at driving in a hole different way .. One day I was getting my hourly sitting and then I notice that I was driving my is250 tom's edition lexus around the track and that I can actually hold angel though out the turn.. I started dialing in the suspension, getting greedier and getting more angel witch turned my hour sitting to one, three, four, oh you get the point .. Video game drifting is a great way for you understand how to drive in a closed course and more .. Take it from me ... It's scarier then hell at first and you will be a cone killer for the first few try's but then when you keep playing you will understand that all you have to do is simply understand the mechanics and balance of the drift .. It's an overwhelming and addicting feeling once you make your first clean pass .. 

Bring it on 32 star level with a fully loaded card (red sun's fc best car ever in this game).. I found this Initial D unit 30 mins from my house .... I should have just bought the unit ..

Check out my entry in Codemaster Grid (s-15 long beach mile maker 300)  


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