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The New DRINKNOS.com and Why You Should Care

drinkNOS.com Visitors,

Chances are that this is the first time you've seen drinkNOS.com and you've been driven here by either curiosity, promotion, or ad campaign we've had.  If you're not new to drinkNOS.com, this is definitely the first time you've seen the new drinkNOS.com.  Either way, we're extremely excited to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of NOS and the automotive world. 


More after the jump.

Before we go into what kicks ass on the new iteration of this site, we'll talk a little bit why we decided to change things up.  NOS Energy, as you may know, was built from the ground up by our people in the field ... going to events, talking to people, spreading the gospel.  And while this philosophy is still important to us and everything we do, our old website didn't quite fit in.  So we decided to change things up, so we can interact better with you guys.

So we switched it up from your run of the mill product website, *cough* @MP or R*d B*ll *cough*, to a blog style website. You'll notice that the majority of the site looks like a blog.  This means that you'll get continuously updated content to come back and see, whether its the latest in the automotive world, funny stuff within the office, or the latest party we're going to be throwing.  Even better is that while we'll have people within the office blogging, we're also going to have our 12 field marketing managers checking in and letting you know what's really good in their areas, and even our NOS drivers guest blogging.

Even better is that you'll be able to comment on anything we do.  Like the blog post on the NOS Lexus?  Let us know.  Hate the new idea we have on a promotion?  Let us know.  It's all fair game.  Just be warned though, we'll definitely comment back.

You can even filter the blog to what's interesting to you.  All you have to do is click on Categories (see below) and pick the categories you want to see.  Only interested in the drivers?  Cool.  You really like the girls?  We can do that.  It's all up to you.


Finally, there's this thing on the top right called NOS Alliance.  This is where we can give back to you.  There's a whole slew of exclusive stuff you can get access to when you sign up including:

  • Downloadable wallpapers and more
  • Access to contests, like this Kyle Busch one we're having, with NOSome prizes.
  • Exclusive promos, that we like to randomly run here and there.  Example:  Upload your best Facebook picture of you and your car, winner gets something cool.
  • Customizable drinkNOS.com.  Change the background, icons, whatever.
  • Accumulate horsepower points.  While this one is still on the works, let's just say this can reward people who interact on the site, which leads to more unlockables but more importantly, street cred.

On top of all of that, you'll still have all the great things your used to like seeing how all of our drivers are doing (I smell a championship this year), pictures of the girls and cars, the latest in our energy products, and crazy videos.

Of course this is just phase 1 of many ... we're already working on stuff that will blow your mind as we speak.  We'll also be introducing ourselves via blogposts slowly over the next few weeks, so you know the geniuses (and sometimes knuckleheads) behind NOS Energy.  All we can ask is that you come back and check on what's up.

Let us know what you think below.


Victoria "NOSolita" Badiola, Ernie "NOStradamus" Manansala, and Tutul "The Suit" Rahman


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i am a truck driver and love it just wish i could by it by the case

how can you win nos swag with a code if there is nowhere to put the code in at. Screw Kyle, go Denny Hamlin. The drink kicks A$$ though.


We would like to take this time to thank those sponsors that are currently backing our team. We appreciate your support in chasing this hobby both with financial .parts support and moral support. But remember, we like to have some fun together along the way too. In 2010, we hope to keep building our relationship with you and make you feel part of the excitement and part of the racing team. We are hoping that when you attend the races, that you come to the pits and visit a while and hopefully celebrate a victory! If you travel to some of the away specials, please look us up. We will want to visit with you and talk racing, the weather, and if the weather will affect our racing. If there is anything you need from this team, please feel free to contact us any time. We value the relationship we have with all our sponsors and the moral support you have given us these past years above all else. We want to continue that goal to include you as part of our team in every way. Thank you!


As potential sponsors, you are probably wondering what we have to offer you other than a speeding billboard on dirt. I am sure you know the usual speech about the growing sport that is racing and the opportunity for you to join in and advertise to this loyal growing market.

So therefore, we do acknowledge all our sponsors every chance we get. We attend car shows locally if we can, so your name or business will be shown on the car. If there is a need to have the car at your business to show, we will try to work that in the schedule. (All that usual stuff.) If you have other needs for your business that we can help you with, let us know and we will be happy to try to meet your individual needs.

But most of all this is what we want to offer you:

1. We would like to build a winning relationship with you and the team. We want to provide an opportunity for you to know the driver and team. The team consists of people that will conduct themselves professionally as if they were your employees and most of all, your friends. We also will do our best to represent you and your business and support you locally as a team.

2. Of course, we offer you space for a decal on the racecar in all hopes you will be viewing your decal in the competition at the front and in pictures with the checkered flag.

3. If you have a web site, we will want to list your link on our web site. We will acknowledge you and/or your business on our sponsors' page. If you desire, we can include some words about yourself or the business.

4. If you offer product or finances for the racecar, the relationship does not end there. We want to hear your advice and input concerning the race team. If you offer product for the car, we will give you constant feedback on how it is working for us. We value your opinion about our race team, regardless whether you offer product or money.

5. We have a driver that is competitive and has wins to his record and we expect him to be even more competitive as he gains additional experience. Therefore, we want you to feel the excitement of taking the green flag, the challenge of the race and the thrill of getting the checkers now and then. We are hoping you feel a part of the team and its support. We want you to be a part of the race itself, but if you miss the excitement, we will keep you informed of our progress.

(Please check out our web site http://redneckracin13k.webs.com/ for racing stats, results, driver bio and other information you may want to know about us.)

We don't want our sponsors to give whatever they can and then sit on the backstretch. We want you to feel involved. Come join the team in the excitement of the race. "Own a part of the car." Take the green with us; know the thrill of getting to the checkers first. Visit us anytime at the shop or at the track. Consider it a relationship not just a business deal. You never know you may come to socialize with the team and a race will break out!


1. basic package ($50) is a small decal on the side panel of the wing that is about 8 inchs long by 4 inchs tall .most parts suppliers fall in this category .

2. bronze package ($100) is a decal about 16 inchs long by 10 inchs tall and would be located on the inside part of the top wing (seen from back stretch of the straight away)

3. silver package ($250) is a decal about 36 inchs long by 20 inchs tall and will be located on the fan side of the wing.your name will also be mentioned over the pa at the track several times a night

4. gold package ($500)is two decals about 36 inchs long by 20 inchs tall and will be located on both sides of the wing.your name will also be mentioned over the pa at the track several times a night

5, platinum package ($1,000) is a decal that is 48 inchs long by 25 inchs tall and will be located down the whole side of the car your name will also be mentioned over the pa at the track several times a night and we will also put your decals on our truck and trailer

6, double platinum package ($2,500) is a decal that is 48 inchs long by 25 inchs tall and will be located down the whole side of both my cars and two decals about 36 inchs long by 20 inchs tall and will be located on both sides of the wing ,your name will also be mentioned over the pa at the track several times a night ,will also put your decals on our truck and trailer and just about anything else you request



What can we say about you guys? Your loyalty, dedication, and commitment to the team no matter what we may be struggling with is amazing. It makes those victories that much better when things go right, doesn't it? Please don't stay strangers and come visit with the driver and team whenever you can. We especially have a heart for those little fans and in 2010 we want to show our appreciation to those little fans. (And those big fans, too!) So bring out the kids and let them sit in the car, try on that helmet (if you dare), . But most of all we appreciate all the fans and thank you for your dedication and support to the number 13k and 3k team

OR AT kc13k3k@aol.com

thank you.... KC Weikle

yep where the hell can you put the code in you guys website sucks

i want decals a coat shirt for my corvette so i drive around


NOS lets me blast through my day of being a corporate executive, a full time single dad and a monster in the gym! NOS for this BOSS.

tried other drinks, but nos has been the best.
at 48 needed a little boost, thank you NOS

i play halo 3 i need a sponsor for my team and i'll will promote

will somebody from your company call me back! i use your drink and powershots religiously and love them they are second to none, but i want to be a product tester for you guys. my friends tell me all the time there is caffiene sensitive people, people who use caffiene, and frank level(me), so let's make a new and improved(meaning alot stronger than only 350mg of caffiene like in the bottles) drink or powershot!

god i love nos i drink that at least 2 a day

okay well im a fan of the drifter

NOS Energy Drink is the greatest drink of all time! How do i get sponsored by you guys?


Is there anyway to get a NOS hat like Kyle Busch wears for the Nationwide series. I've sent several letters but no reply. if you reply back could you send me some information on this. Thank you

nos rules and so does kyle busch.

Y don't u introduce the stuff to australia u guys would make an even bigger killing out of the "human horsepower".

Same here, just tell me how i can enter my codes.

NOS My Wife and i want to start buying it by the case.. Kyle Busch got us into the drink, now we love it.. Now, NOS Sell us 24 packs!

NOS keeps me going and going! It's the energizer bunny of human fuel!

bla bla bla you good NOs!.
were can I enter My code

what do the barrel coolers look like, i won one jus wondering what its like, very anxious! but i also am an avid fan of NOS energy drink, i try to pick one or two up every morning to get a kick in the ass. without it i would be a zombie all morning! and the un named flavor is grape fruit you can just smell it ! all the flavors rock balls! keep up the good $heeit guys.

Im a monster man good thing you sponser Kyle Busch thats why I buy Nos so keep sponsering him and Ill keep buying Nos. Thanks so much.

just tell me how i can enter my friggin codes. this is pissing me off.

Congrats to the ACP team on the recent win in Colorado!!

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